Taste of the Harvest

This annual event happens during harvest season and provides an opportunity for us to showcase our true Headwaters “real” with a festival celebrating the best of our local harvest. Help us create some excitement and increase visitation to your business.

Taste of the Harvest 2018 will take place from Thursday, October 4th through to Saturday, November 3rd.

Suggested ways to get involved include:
Create your own harvest menu that features local ingredients in each of your menu’s courses (lunch or dinner). You set the price – it has to be a deal!
• Featured food or drink items – Provide us with a description of what products you are featuring that at your store or restaurant that showcase the Headwaters harvest.
• Harvest events and activities – If you are offering a harvest-themed cooking class, selling harvest products, running a harvest event or even creating something unique like harvest-inspired art — provide us with the details and we will promote.


Leading With the Best partners – FREE to participate

Non-partners – $250.00 participation fee


2018 Taste of Maple:  Thursday, October 4th to Saturday, November 3rd, 2018