Vision & Mission

Vision: To position Headwaters as Ontario’s premier rural tourism destination.

Mission: To integrate tourism into the regional economic development strategies of our partner municipalities, helping to build a robust and thriving tourism industry by working directly with tourism stakeholders across the region. Key areas of focus include:
• Marketing & communications
• Product development & industry capacity development
• Advocacy & partnership development
• Industry engagement & communications
• Municipal economic development integration
• Provincial tourism integration & liaison

Regional Destination Marketing Organization:  Headwaters Tourism is the recognized destination marketing organization for the Headwaters region, providing tourism services on behalf of the regional tourism industry and on behalf of our municipal partners in the County of Dufferin and the Towns of Mono, Shelburne, Caledon & Erin.

While the organization has evolved over the years, the primary goal is still the same: to work on behalf of and in conjunction with our partners and regional tourism operators to support tourism that is consistent with the region’s rural heritage, respectful of its extraordinary natural environment and that promotes its spirit of community.

Headwaters Tourism strongly advocates for regional collaboration in all our undertakings, understanding that an integrated approach allows individual businesses, groups, committees, communities and municipalities to expand their reach and leverage their impact in the marketplace.

Headwaters 2018 strategic priorities – final

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