Leading With the Best

Leading With the Best is an annual tourism marketing partnership program offered to Headwaters area businesses that are looking to attract more visitors and tap into the lucrative tourism market.

Headwaters Tourism actively works with over 70 Leading With the Best partners who actively engage and help us promote Headwaters as Ontario’s premier rural tourism destination and “Where Ontario Gets Real”.

By engaging in the Leading With the Best marketing program, Headwaters Tourism will provide specific services (at various levels, best suited to your own business needs) to help support your marketing activities, enhance your market positioning, and help attract visitors to your business.

By positioning your business into the larger Headwaters tourism context, you will have the opportunity to leverage your offering into the regional marketing efforts, and benefit from the collaborative efforts and synergies that come about when working in partnership with other like-minded businesses, all interested in tapping into the lucrative tourism/visitor market.

In addition to the core services available in our basic, premium and event Leading With the Best programs, our Leading With the Best partners are provided with additional benefits including (but not limited to):

  • the first opportunity to take part in media and promotional activities
  • opportunities to participate in additional Headwaters Tourism marketing programs at no cost (i.e. Taste of the Harvest, Taste of Maple, Pan Am Taste Trail)
  • discounted advertising rates in Headwaters Visitors’ Guide publications
  • opportunities to connect and collaborate with other Leading With the Best partners to build and enhance your own business and product offering as it relates to developing world class tourism experiences for visitors


Is your business ready for tourists?

A handy checklist has been developed to help you assess whether your business is “market-ready” to actively pursue tourism visitors as customers. This list is merely meant to serve as a guideline for your review and a tool to help you consider potential next steps to enhance your visitor offering. Our team can assist you as you review this checklist, and can support you with resources and tips to help your business become market-ready for tourism opportunities.

Find out more about our current Leading With the Best partners.


We look forward to working with you to help grow and enhance your business through tourism.

For more details about our Partnership Programs, please contact our team directly: real@headwaters.ca