For the 2018 spring/summer season, Destination Ontario will showcase unexpected hidden gems and surprising experiences to encourage families and friends to unearth their passions and go beyond the known. This is the perfect time to raise the awareness and profile of your experiential packages.

Online travel packages are displayed in their respective experience and region pages on the website. Listings also flow into the Discover Ontario mobile app, and they are presented via the website on the digital touch screen kiosks in the 20 ONroute Service Centres along the highway 400/401 corridor. There will be a particular focus on the following experiences for this season:

  • Kid Fun & Attractions
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Arts & Culture
  • Urban Adventures
  • Beaches
  • Tours
  • Festivals/Events/Live Music

The opportunity to post criteria-based packages is available to industry partners free of charge. If you are interested in submitting a package for consideration, please do so by April 12, 2018.
Maximize Your Visibility on

Entering packages for is a simple process. Log in to, click on the ‘Manage Packages’ link at the bottom of the page, and work through the flow. It is very user friendly and prompts you for all required information. Links to the package criteria and guidelines are included in the flow – take a look at them before starting to enter your information. Each package must be accompanied by a single image that reflects the consumer experience (minimum 1920 x 800 pixels, maximum 4 MB). Also, please ensure that the URL that you provide is a link to where consumers can find complete details and pricing of the package on your site, not to your home page.

Once a package is entered it takes about five business days for it to be reviewed, approved and translated before it is live on the site. Packages come down from the site once the ‘End Date’ has passed but remain in your account; you can edit or add new packages at any time. Even if you do not have packages that align with these particular themes this is a good time to review your packages and make any necessary edits or add new offers.

For more information about listing your FREE package, please contact:
Marie Cheesman or by phone at 613-735-3231