Do you embody the spirit of tourism in Ontario? Has your organization created a new product, policy or service to enhance and promote tourism? Did your business make a viable and maintainable contribution to the promotion of sustainable tourism? Do you wow visitors with your marketing, experiences or culinary connections? You could win an award!

The Ontario Tourism Awards of Excellence celebrate success by recognizing organizations and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to Ontario’s tourism industry. These awards acknowledge achievements in business growth and innovation, travel media and tourism marketing, culinary tourism and popular attractions. They are jointly presented by four organizations—TIAO, OTMPC, CTA and Attractions Ontario—across four respective categories…


1. Tourism Industry Awards of Excellence (TIAO)

Presented to organizations, businesses and individuals that represent the superior quality offerings that make Ontario a preferred destination—innovations, events, employers and the tourism champions who make it all possible.


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2. Tourism Marketing & Travel Media Awards of Excellence (OTMPC)

Celebrate the excellence and innovation of those who contribute to Ontario’s tourism industry through impactful tourism partnerships, marketing activities and media relations provincially, nationally and internationally.


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3. Ontario Culinary Tourism Awards (CTA)

Showcase the passion and excellence of those dedicated to advancing the culinary tourism movement in Ontario. Through their steadfast leadership and unique experiences, both winners and finalists set the bar for what culinary tourism in Ontario represents.


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4. Ontario’s Choice Awards (Attractions Ontario)

Tourists and locals alike are called upon to let their voices be heard. From April 24 to October 6, 2017, participants vote for their favourite Ontario attractions across eight categories; the attraction to earn the most votes is named Attraction of the Year!


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