Statement from Minister Flynn on the Release of the Changing Workplaces Review Final Report (Ministry of Labour)

“Ontario’s economy is strong and growing. Our unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in 16 years, and our GDP growth continues to lead all G7 countries. But with the rapid modernization of the workplace and new technology, people across Ontario are feeling less secure. We have heard from many people that they are no longer able to count on full-time, secure work to provide for themselves and their families. Many people work multiple jobs, on contract or in unstable positions with unreliable hours or pay.

What is clear to me, and to our government, after reading the report is that responsible change can ensure that every hard-working person in our province has the chance to reach their full potential. Fairness and decency must continue to be the defining values of our workplaces. No person in Ontario should ever feel like they can’t get ahead.”

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