The Spring edition of In the Hills magazine features an in-depth article by Liz Beatty, entitled Reimagining Tourism: can sharing our way of life help sustain it?

Beatty talks about the importance of tourism in place building and honouring the way of life in rural communities, both in Headwaters and around the world. Her article begins by featuring some of our Headwaters local champions, and their role in showcasing the best of Headwaters in everything they do.

Reimagining Tourism

Can sharing our way of life help sustain it?

March 26, 2018 | | Environment

January 16, 2018. It’s the final honour of the annual Headwaters Tourism Awards – the culmination of a full-day symposium on rural tourism at Orangeville’s Town Hall Opera House. Representatives of several Ontario regions, Destination Canada and Destination Ontario had all come to share and learn from the Headwaters story.

Phil DeWar of Soulyve restaurant, Jennifer McKinnon of Turn-of-Fate Studio, Keirstyn Parfitt of Wicked Shortbread, Bridget Ryan of Equine Erin, Sigrid Wolm of Kitchen to the Table and Krystal Young of Snowberry Botanicals – each of the nominees for Tourism Champion of the Year is a case study in building community, celebrating who we are, and making Headwaters an awesome place to visit.

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Headwaters Tourism is particularly honoured to be part of this important discussion in the 25th anniversary year of In the Hills magazine. Thank you to Signe Ball, Liz Beatty and the entire In the Hills team who share our passion and commitment to building community across Headwaters, and have been doing so for 25 years!