The Town of Mono has been officially recognized as a Bee City. The 16th Bee City in Canada, Mono earned its designation by creating a pollinator garden and for its efforts to protect pollinators and promote native plants. Volunteers have been working on the Mono Pollinator Garden since 2016. This 0.8 hectare (2 acre) plot of land on Hockley Road between Hwy 10 and Hurontario Street, has been developed to showcase native plant species beneficial to pollinators and to educate the public on the benefits of pollinators and the need to protect them. With over 2,200 perennials and trees planted so far, walking trails and interpretive signs, the Mono Pollinator Garden is both a sanctuary and an educational forum.

Congratulations to the Mono Pollinator Garden volunteers for the tremendous work they have undertaken. Enquiries regarding donations to continue developing the garden can be directed to Councillors Sharon Martin and Ralph Manktelow.The Town has also undertaken a number of tree-planting projects and has planted over 30,000 trees in the past 2 years and that doesn’t include the Heritage Tree Program in which we offer over 6,000 native species of trees and shrubs to residents every year at wholesale prices.